Christmas tours 2023 by 4Travel Estonia

Looking for same last-minute Christmas presents?
Here are a few ideas:

- If you are in Tallinn, check out the many shops in the Tallinn Christmas market.
And in addition book a special Christmas themed guided walk. Walking tours are taking place on 23.12 at 11:00-12:15 and 28.12 at 18:00-19:15. 

- Treat a loved-one (or yourself) by gifting a winter day trip. Find the tour here:

- Do you know someone who is enthusiastic to try nordic-cross-country skiing. With proper snow conditions send us a private learn to ski in Tallinn activity inquire. E-mail:

Winter special 5h day trip from Tallinn
4Travel Estonia Carmen reisid - Estonia daytrips in 4 seasons

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