Carmen reisid 4Travel - daytrips in the Estonian 4 seasons

About me and the company

My name is Carmen Kressa and I am the founder of Carmen reisid 4Travel. After years of experience in the field of tourism I founded Carmen reisid 4Travel. It is inspired by Estonian 4 seasons and beautiful landscapes that change with them. I designed the Carmen reisid 4Travel day tours the Hidden Gems of Northern Estonia, Pärnu that are also inspired from my field of studies in landscape architecture. I think it is interesting to get to know the spirit of a place or as landscape architects call it the genius loci. It is the stories, legends and interesting details that help to discover the place. 
I researched about the beautiful english style Padise manor park to obtain BA in Landscape architecture and wrote about the seaside resort parks and beach designs in my MA studies. To conclude travelling on Carmen reisid daytrips is the best way to discover Estonian landscapes and interesting sights.

4Travel Estonia vision

"Northern Estonia Local Travel Agency offers comprehensive travel services for individuals and groups seeking to explore the region's stunning natural beauty and rich history. With years of experience and local expertise, we create customized itineraries tailored to your unique interests and preferences. Whether you are planning a leisurely city tour or an adventurous outdoor getaway, we provide end-to-end solutions from transportation and accommodation to activity arrangements and local recommendations. Contact us today to start planning your dream trip to Northern Estonia or book one of our ready-made day trips."

Carmen Kressa 

CEO Carmen reisid 4Travel Osaühing