"Carmen reisid 4 Travel is inspired by the Estonian 4 seasons. Our mission is to take you to day trips to discover the top sights in different Estonian landscapes. Beautiful coastline, parks, ruins, castles, waterfalls and sunny beaches."
Carmen Kressa
Founder and CEO

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"WE HAD a wonderful time on our tour! It was a well organized and interesting experience going around different areas of northern Estonia 🙂 The guide Carmen was lovely and explained everything in great detail, would recommend this tour to anyone visiting!" Kaspar
"IMEILUS Eestimaa, rõõmsameelne giid Carmen oma vahvate ning põnevate juttudega, köitsid meie reisiseltskonnas
nii noori kui ka vanu. Aitäh meeldejääva tuuri eest! Soovitan soojalt "❤❤❤️ Anu
"ESTONIAN countryside discovered! Lovely to have a female tour guide as a solo female traveller. Wanted to get out of the city and see the Estonian countryside and Carmen’s tour delivered. Drove to the west coast and learned about the Russian history but the Estonian information and developments were a breathe of fresh air!" Elizabeth  

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Daytours with beach visit for summer 2024:
  1. Pärnu beach and promenade on the full day day-trip from Tallinn to Pärnu
  2. Kloogaranna beach on the Hidden Gems of Northern Estonia day trip
  3. Rummu submerged quarry on the Ancient Ruins and Castles day-trip
Winter Bestseller ! Lahemaa Nature park daytrip 7.5-8hours. 
Read the tour description here.

Carmen reisid 4Travel daytrips detailed descriptions

Day Trip from Tallinn to the beautiful seaside city of Pärnu
Including a summer river cruise

Enjoy the stunning coastal views, explore the city’s colorful old town, soak up the sun on the sandy beach, and discover must-see attractions such as the ruins of Pärnu Castle and impressive bastions that guard the city, the Independence Square and Pärnu beach & park with the promenade. Then relax on the Pärnu river cruise and admire the local views. With plenty of shopping opportunities, cafes, parks and gardens, and unique cultural and historical sites, a day in Pärnu is a wonderful way to experience a little piece of Estonian beauty. 


8 hours

Starting time and place:

Tours pick up and drop you off from your hotel or from Niguliste 2, Tallinn. 

Package includes:

Private transfers by car/bus, guided walking tour in Pärnu old town, stop on the Pärnu beach and promenade, tickets to Pärnu river cruise

Price per person

2-3 persons 145 € p/p, 4-5 persons 130 € p/p

Minimum number of participants


Daytrips need to be pre-booked.

Daytrip the Hidden Gems of Northern Estonia

Embark on a thrilling day trip to Paldiski, Kloogarand, Arvo Pärt Centre, Keila-Joa hidden gems in Northern Estonia. A fascinating blend of history, natural beauty, and unique sights.

Visit the contrasting city of Paldiski where you can hear stories from its colorful history from top-secret military sub-marine training base until the recently opened modern city heart. We will walk on the Pakri peninsula and get acquainted with the Pakri cliff – the most spectacular part of the Baltic Klint. We will enjoy the sunny Kloogaranna beachfront and stop for break at the LaSpa Hotel cafe. We will walk around the famous building Arvo Pärt Center and visit the Keila-Joa waterfall and the surrounding manor park at the end of the tour.


5 hours

Starting time and place:

Private tours pick up and drop you off from your hotel or from Niguliste 2. Starting time: at 10:00

Package includes:

Private transfer by car/bus, guided stops Pakri peninsula&coastal cliffs, Paldiski city center, Kloogaranna sandy beach, break at LaSpa cafe(seaside spa-hotel), stop in Arvo Pärt Center(tickets are not included in the tour price) walk in Keila-Joa manor park and Keila-Joa waterfall.

Price per person:

 2-3 persons 136 € p/p, 4-5 persons 130 € p/p

Minimum number of participants


The Hidden gems and music tour - Keila joa waterfall, manor park and Arvo Pärt Centre.

This small group tour combines the Hidden Gems and Arvo Pärt Centre.
Duration: 3hours. Available on request. 
Please email: bookings@4travelestonia.com.

Half-day daytrip Ancient Ruins and Castles

This small group short sightseeing tour is a perfect way to see outside the Capital. It is a combination of beautiful sights, parks and top attractions such as von Glehn park ruins, Padise monastery and Rummu submerged quarry(once a Soviet-era prison). On the tour, you will get to know more about the Estonian way of life and culture from a local guide.

Drive from the Tallinn city center to Nõmme district. Von Glehn park is the ideal spot for a leisurely stroll. Nature-lovers will enjoy the trees and wildlife, while architectural buffs can admire the ruins of the spectacular palm house, Tallinn observatory and a statue that add a real touch to the park. In winter time this park hosts also the best cross-country skiing tracks in Tallinn. Finally we will drive to Lääne-Harju parish, pass the Rummu submerged quarry and Soviet-era prisons to stop and visit the Padise monastery and surrounding ruins of the manor park. On our way back to Tallinn we will stop at the entrance of Rummu to hear the stories about it. Visit is for extra fee.


3h 45 min

Starting time and place:

Private tours pick up and drop you off from your hotel or from Niguliste 2. Starting time: at 09:30

Package includes:

Private transfers by car/bus, guided walking tour in von Glehn park&ruins, Padise monastery&surroundings, guided stop in the Rummu Quarry entrance(ticket is for extra fee). Ticket to Padise is included in the tour price.

Price 2-3 persons 130 € p/p, 4-5 persons 119 € p/p, Minimum nr of participants 2.

Day trip from Tallinn the Authentic Lahemaa 
Explore the breathtaking beauty of Estonia’s Lahemaa National Park on this unforgettable tour. Lahemaa, which translates to “Land of Bays,” is a nature lover’s paradise located just a short drive from the capital city, Tallinn. With its pristine coastline, dense forests, picturesque lakes, and charming traditional villages, Lahemaa offers a diverse range of natural and cultural wonders to discover. We will stop in Viru bog, Oandu forest trail, Sagadi manor park, Võsu and Jägala Waterfall
Duration:7 hours
Starting time and place: Private tours pick up from your Hotel in Tallinn.
Starting time: at 09:00

Package includes:private transfers by car/bus, guided tour stops at Viru bog, Oandu forest trail, Sagadi manor park, Võsu sandy beach, Jägala waterfall.
Price per person2-3 persons 135 € p/p, 4-5 persons from 119 € p/p
Minimum number of participants2

Winter special 2023&2024

Christmas themed walk from Tallinn Town hall square to Telliskivi Creative City

                                                           Jouluteemainen kävelykierros Tallinnan Raekoja platsilta Telliskivin loomelinnakkuun
Times and prices/ Ajat ja hinnat
25.11.2023, 11:00 - 12:15
09.12.2023, 11:00 - 12:15
23.12.2023, 11:00 - 12:15
28.12.2022, 18:00 - 19:15
Price per person/hinta per hlö 17,50 €

Let's meet on Tallinn Town Hall Square, starting from December under the Christmas tree. We will explore the Christmas market and take a walk in the medieval Old Town and listen to the stories about Christmas festivities in Tallinn. We will learn about Christmas traditions. We will visit Balti Jaam market and Telliskivi Creative City where you can find distinguished and authentic Estonian design. The walk starts from Tallinn Town Hall Square. The guide speaks both Estonian and English. In order to participate, book the walk in advance.
Tapaamme joulukuusta alkaen Tallinnan raatihuoneentorilla/ raekoja platsilla joulukuusen alla.
Tutustumme joulutoriin, kävelemme pitkin keskiaikaista vanhaakaupunkia ja kuulemme tarinoita, miten joulua juhlitaan Tallinnassa. Saamme tietoa myös paikallisista jouluperinteistä. Poikkeamme Asematorille/ Balti jaaman torille, sekä kurkistamme Telliskivin luovaan keskukseen/ loomelinnakkuun, missä voi löytää aitoa ja erityistä virolaista desingnia.
Kävelykierros alkaa Tallinnan raatihuoneentorilta/ raekoja platsilta.
Kierrosopas puhuu englantia.

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